Community Development

As the peak multicultural body of the Gold Coast, Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast Ltd. has an extensive network of the different culturally and linguistically diverse communities represented within the Region and surrounds.

MCCGC believes in everyone having a sense of belonging and connection. MCCGC continues to facilitate these multicultural community network consultations that serves many purposes. A great way to network and introduce new and emerging communities, opportunities to network with more established communities and services, identify issues that are affecting multicultural communities and access to keynote speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds on the Gold Coast. Seated together, sharing experiences and stories over a sumptuous meal.  

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Meet Candice, MCCGC's Community Development Officer who runs the CAMS program for the Southern Gold Coast. Candice supports different communities and groups to make connections, build capacity and access supports and resources.

Connecting you with your community

If you recently arrived and need to connect with the local organisation or community group representing your culture (e.g Japanese, Korean, African, Hungarian, etc...), please contact us with your enquiry.

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