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Wellbeing and Connection
Wellbeing and Connection

Helping multicultural communities find suitable and culturally safe support and services.

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Empowering Humanitarian Entrants
Empowering Humanitarian Entrants

Our Settlement team empowers recent humanitarian entrants in Australia to access services, navigate education, employment, and health systems, and make Australia their home.

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Care Finder
Care Finder

We will support your individual journey! No cost to participants.

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What do we do?

For 40 years, MCCGC has been giving hope and igniting positive change within multicultural communities and Australians. As the peak regional organisation, we advocate for and support the increasing migrant, refugee, and new international arrival population of the Gold Coast to support their social and economic needs, connecting them with community groups and service providers, and embracing unity in diversity. Join us in our journey for a stronger, more harmonious community.


Our Services

At Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast (MCCGC), we support the community in employment, settlement, wellbeing, cultural training, capacity building, advocacy, community connection, and referrals. Our team speaks more than 15 languages, ensuring we understand and support your unique needs.

Valuing Cultures, Celebrating Diversity, Welcoming you

MCCGC's vision is of an inclusive community that values cultural diversity. We've been working in the Gold Coast region for over 40 years to ensure people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds have equal access to appropriate and inclusive services, a high quality of life and independence. We want everyone in our community to feel connected and we have programs that support people of all ages and backgrounds. Under our CÜRA brand we've expanded our services to further promote the health and well-being of all Australians.

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Job Seeking
Job Seeking

Job Seeking

We are an equal opportunity employer who embraces diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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Our Achievements

Our Achievements

These are not just numbers; they represent our accomplishments targeted at changing people's lives.

Over 40 years supporting
Over 40 years supporting the multicultural community
Over 1,000 clients
Over a thousand clients have been supported in the last three ye
Over 43 countries
Clients’ countries over 43
Over 150 members
Over 150 MCCGC members
Over 15 languages
Over 15 languages are spoken by our staff

What our clients have to say

Get in touch
Get in touch

Get in touch

At Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast Ltd, we appreciate and value the variety of voices within the community.

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Latest News

Refugee Week Sharing Stories with our Staff
Refugee Week Sharing Stories with our Staff
21/06/2024 Refugee Week Sharing Stories with our Staff

We had a beautiful lunchtime with Jannine and Anna, two incredible women with refugee backgrounds who came to our Southport office and shared with our staff their stories of thriving and resilience here in Australia. Jannine came from Burundi, an African country, at a young age. She opened up about the challenges of settling in this country without guidance and struggling to maintain her cultural identity. Now, she encourages other young people to embrace and take pride in their heritage as an active member of our Youth Advisory Group, advocating for multicultural youth on the Gold Coast. Anna is from Ukraine and brings her creative talents as a Graphic Designer to our Marketing and Community Development teams. She expressed how happy she feels to call this country of opportunities her home and is dedicated to empowering her community to thrive and succeed. She also highlighted all the potential and skills migrants bring to this country to make it grow. Ellie, from our Community Development team, also shared her experience working with refugees from Syria, where she could understand the struggles they face and how incredible they are to overcome all the challenges. They both shine with brilliant futures ahead, and we are very happy to have them as part of our organisation. Their stories are not just inspiring, they are a reminder of the value and potential migrants bring to this country.

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Gold Coast Multicultural Network
Gold Coast Multicultural Network
21/06/2024 Gold Coast Multicultural Network

Celebrating Refugee Week "Finding Freedom: Family," we held the Gold Coast Multicultural Network this week. It was an insightful meeting where organisations shared their support initiatives for refugees to settle and thrive. Our amazing Language Support Workers, Shakila and Najma, shared with us their inspiring journeys of resilience and courage coming to Australia and their stories of giving back to the community. We want to share a beautiful message from Shakila: “For many here, the word "refugee" is just that—a word. For me, being a refugee is an overwhelming feeling. It’s a connection to my family, my friends, and my neighbours. Refugees mean sadness and suffering, yet they are also about respect—for the resilience of those who continue to endure. During Refugee Week, I urge you to remember that behind every refugee statistic is a human story, like mine, filled with dreams, fears, and implacable hope. Let us work together to provide support, amplify their voices, and fight for the freedom that every human being deserves. Today, let us honour them to make a difference so that tomorrow will not be too late.” Thank you to Tala from our SETS team, Renata, Kevin, and Steve from Multicultural Families Organisation Inc., and Moya Tong from SSI - Settlement Services International for presenting the services they provide to support refugees. Well done to our Community Development team for organising such a meaningful event.

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Work Towards team can assist you in finding employment through personalized one-on-one sessions.

Here's how we can help:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Support: We'll help you create a strong resume and cover letter that stand out to potential employers.
  • Interview Preparation: We offer guidance and practice to boost your interview skills and confidence.
  • Job Search Strategy: We'll help you plan an effective job search strategy, including where to look for job openings and how to connect with opportunities.
  • Networking Tips: We provide advice on building your professional network and connecting with potential employers.
  • Matching Opportunities: We'll keep you informed about job openings that match your skills and career goals.
  • Skill Development: If you need to acquire specific skills, we can suggest relevant courses or training programs. 

Our goal is to make your job search easier and more successful in Australia. Whether you're just starting or looking to make a change, we're here to support you in finding the right job.

Yes we can assist you with your resume as part of our one-on-one sessions:

  • Australian Standards: We'll ensure your resume meets the Australian format and content expectations.
  • Research Tips: We'll guide you in researching industry trends and job market requirements.
  • Customization: We'll show you how to tailor your resume for different job applications.
  • Highlight Achievements: We'll help you emphasize your accomplishments.
  • Keywords: We'll advise you on using relevant keywords.
  • Professional Look: We'll provide tips for a polished resume appearance.

Yes, we have free English classes to community through both our CAMS and Work Towards Programs.

Our CAMS program offers English Language & Australian Culture classes every Tuesday in Palm Beach. These classes are casual, open to all levels and include group activities. Email to book.

And to enquire or register to our English courses for all levels through Work Towards email For more information on our Work Towards program, visit:

Yes. We can talk to you about ways that the NDIS can support you or someone you know with a disability to live a fulfilling life.

Support can include help with:

  • daily activities (showering, having meals, etc.)
  • household tasks (cleaning, gardening, etc.)
  • shopping and errands
  • going to appointments
  • learning life skills
  • buying equipment to support you to move, communicate, and do other everyday tasks more easily
  • making new friends and going out socially
  • therapy
  • early childhood intervention

Yes. Are you a carer for a family member or friend with a condition that requires support with basic or complex daily tasks? Many people don’t see themselves as carers. They are just children, parents, partners, or friends who care for someone close to them. You may be known as an ‘unpaid carer’.

Unpaid carers are often unaware that they too can access support services to help them cope with the responsibility of caring for others. Carers can get a wide range of help, from counselling and peer support groups to respite care, home help, and equipment. 

We can talk to you about what carer services are available and how they can help.

No. Although we don't provide accommodation ourselves, our team can facilitate connections with service providers or offer assistance through our dedicated Community Pathway Connector team to help you access the support you need. Contact us at

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MCCGC recognises that across the country, we all live and work on the unceded lands and waters of First Nations people, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.