Guiding New Beginnings, Empowering Humanitarian Entrants

23/10/2023 Posted in

Guiding New Beginnings, Empowering Humanitarian Entrants

In the heart of the vibrant Gold Coast, our Settlement team stands to support and empower people who have recently arrived in Australia as humanitarian entrants to access culturally appropriate services and navigate education, employment, and health systems to reach their goals and make Australia their home.

To achieve this, we have two programs, the Settlement Engagement Transition Support Program (SETS) funded by our long-standing partner SSI and the Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) in collaboration with our esteemed partner, Multicultural Australia.

In our HSP program, our dedicated team assists clients in their settlement journey during the crucial 18 months following their arrival. Our goal is to help them orient themselves to the local area, access essential services, establish connections, and find the support they need.

For those who have arrived within the last five years, our SETS program steps in to address their ongoing settlement needs in Australia. We understand that the journey doesn't end upon arrival and are committed to providing ongoing support.

At MCCGC, we aim to empower and equip our clients with the necessary tools and resources to rebuild their lives, foster connections, and create a sense of belonging within the vibrant Gold Coast community.

If you are a humanitarian entrant on the Gold Coast or know someone who could benefit from our Humanitarian Support Program, get in touch with us. Our devoted team is here to assist you, offer guidance, and provide further information on accessing our services. Together, we'll build bridges to new beginnings and brighter horizons.

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