Women Social Group

Women Social Group

We had a wonderful time sharing with women from multicultural backgrounds at the ‘Women Social Group’ organised by our Community Pathway Connector program. In our first session, they learned tips and resources for taking care of themselves and their wellbeing. It was an amazing session as they connected with other women and explored the journeys of each one of them, their struggles, desires, and dreams.

The self-care workshop showed them that self-care can take on various forms depending on the circumstances. But one thing remains constant: It's essential for everybody's mental health and wellbeing.  

They enjoyed a relaxing session filled with reflection, meditation, and joy! From face masks to hand massages and gratitude journaling, it was all about embracing self-love and nurturing their souls. 

Here is some amazing feedback from the participants:

"The ladies were all lovely and genuine and made us feel so welcome and cared for. This session has made me feel special and has reminded me that 'self care' is a necessary part of my life, and we shall endeavour to practice it more regularly. Thank you."

"The DIY idea was great. It was great to meet the ladies. Thank you for organising the food and all the things provided."

A big shout out to Laura, Vanessa and Josie for organising this amazing and important session.