Women Social Group- Artful Wellbeing

08/07/2024 Posted in

Women Social Group- Artful Wellbeing

Our ‘Women Social Group- Artful Wellbeing’ session was a hit! We had an amazing and beautiful opportunity to connect with other women. This time our participants explored their creative and artistic skills by decorating a clay heart in the What’s the Colour of Your Heart? activity, where each one brought a unique touch to their clay heart

These are some of the beautiful feedback we received:

“I am so grateful, pleased, and thankful for this activity. Connecting with yourself is always good and necessary. Exploring different possibilities for creativity makes you feel good. I can’t wait for the next workshop.”

“This is a great initiative to bring local women together and support arts and culture on the Gold Coast.”

“This was a lovely experience. I had a lovely time and didn’t know how creative I could be. I look forward to the next one. Thank you ladies.”

“Such an amazing experience! Really lets you connect with yourself and others. This activity allows you to express yourself freely and go crazy with creativity. Would do again.”

“Thank you for creating this space to slow down and share with amazing women. I love the self-care activities and all the sweetness of time.”

Thank you to our Community Pathway Connector team for organising such amazing workshops where women can explore different strategies to improve their wellbeing. And a big shout out to our lovely Vanessa for bringing this workshop together.