Work Towards

Work Towards Employment Hub

FREE Job support for Australians, migrants, refugees, and international students

Meet Kyzzy and Antonella, they run MCCGC's Work Towards employment support program and help Australians, migrants, refugees, and international students along their career journeys to find meaningful employment. Work Towards offers indivualised support for each participant to help them work towards their unique goals and interests. We can support with a wide range of things including, CV/resume, cover letter, interview preparation, Australian workplace culture, English language and more. 

Our Work Towards team has supported Australians, international students, migrants and refugees through cover letters, resumes and interview preparation to become employed. Watch Gabrielle tell the story of how she found her dream job here on the Gold Coast!

What is the program?

Work Towards is a free government funded program aimed at increasing employment opportunities for underemployed and unemployed. The Work Towards Employment Hub helps to work on your confidence and achieve your goals. It's a flexible program and we work with you one on one to provide tailored support based on your unique needs.  


Over the last few months our Work Towards team have been helping people from multicultural backgrounds and Australians to get into the jobs they want. 


We have been busy hosting very successful workshops for clients and community on areas of Taxation, English and Business. 

English Classes 

FREE Workshops 

Who is it for? 

To participate in the Work Towards program you must be: 
  • Work Ready
  • Australians
  • Foreign-born including; Migrant (Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident) or Refugee or International Student or any Temporary Visa Holder
  • 15 years old and over (eligibility applies)
  • Unemployed or underemployed
  • Queensland resident
  • Rights to work in Australia

How does it work?

Once you enter the program, you'll meet with our Program Coordinator so they can understand your needs, skills and goals. We work with you to create an individual support plan and connect you with a range of services that help you build the skills, knowledge and confidence to get the job and succeed.

Support will vary depending on your unique situation but can include a range of services such as:

  • Resumes & cover letters
  • Interview preparation
  • Mentorship & workshops
  • English language skills
  • Career planning & guidance
  • Study groups & space
  • And more!

You'll have regular check-ins with our Program Coordinator to make sure you're on track and to adjust your support plan as needed. Our goal is simple; we want to help you find employment!

Where is the hub?

The Work Towards Hub is on level 1, 60 High Street, Southport. When you enter the main entrance, turn right to the elevator and head to the first level, and you will see our office just in front of you.

How do you join?

To get involved you can email, call 07 5527 8011 or stop by the Hub. Referrals are welcome!

This Diverse Queensland Workforce project is proudly funded by the Queensland Government.