Refugee Week Sharing Stories with our Staff

21/06/2024 Posted in

Refugee Week Sharing Stories with our Staff

We had a beautiful lunchtime with Jannine and Anna, two incredible women with refugee backgrounds who came to our Southport office and shared with our staff their stories of thriving and resilience here in Australia. Jannine came from Burundi, an African country, at a young age. She opened up about the challenges of settling in this country without guidance and struggling to maintain her cultural identity. Now, she encourages other young people to embrace and take pride in their heritage as an active member of our Youth Advisory Group, advocating for multicultural youth on the Gold Coast.

Anna is from Ukraine and brings her creative talents as a Graphic Designer to our Marketing and Community Development teams. She expressed how happy she feels to call this country of opportunities her home and is dedicated to empowering her community to thrive and succeed. She also highlighted all the potential and skills migrants bring to this country to make it grow.

Ellie, from our Community Development team, also shared her experience working with refugees from Syria, where she could understand the struggles they face and how incredible they are to overcome all the challenges.

They both shine with brilliant futures ahead, and we are very happy to have them as part of our organisation. Their stories are not just inspiring, they are a reminder of the value and potential migrants bring to this country.