Gold Coast Multicultural Network

21/06/2024 Posted in

Gold Coast Multicultural Network

Celebrating Refugee Week "Finding Freedom: Family," we held the Gold Coast Multicultural Network this week. It was an insightful meeting where organisations shared their support initiatives for refugees to settle and thrive.

Our amazing Language Support Workers, Shakila and Najma, shared with us their inspiring journeys of resilience and courage coming to Australia and their stories of giving back to the community.

We want to share a beautiful message from Shakila: “For many here, the word "refugee" is just that—a word. For me, being a refugee is an overwhelming feeling. It’s a connection to my family, my friends, and my neighbours. Refugees mean sadness and suffering, yet they are also about respect—for the resilience of those who continue to endure.

During Refugee Week, I urge you to remember that behind every refugee statistic is a human story, like mine, filled with dreams, fears, and implacable hope. Let us work together to provide support, amplify their voices, and fight for the freedom that every human being deserves. Today, let us honour them to make a difference so that tomorrow will not be too late.”

Thank you to Tala from our SETS team, Renata, Kevin, and Steve from Multicultural Families Organisation Inc., and Moya Tong from SSI - Settlement Services International for presenting the services they provide to support refugees. Well done to our Community Development team for organising such a meaningful event.