Gold Coast Community Leaders Reflect on Australian Identity in the Celebration of MCCGC's 40 Years of Legacy

Gold Coast Community Leaders Reflect on Australian Identity in the Celebration of MCCGC's 40 Years of Legacy

Australia's history is tied to migration, shaping our collective identity. This country was built on migration, and the patterns have evolved over time, shaped by historical events and changing societal values.

A transformative evolution in Australia's migration history was abolishing the White Australian Policy and establishing multicultural peak bodies. In this important discussion, Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast (MCCGC) proudly presents a series of insightful videos featuring leaders from the multicultural community commemorating its 40th anniversary.

These videos showcase critical aspects of Australia's identity, the racism it carries, and the role in supporting the multicultural community on the Gold Coast.

According to Emad Nimri, MCCGC Project Consultant from 2005 to 2012, "...with diversity comes complexity, which underscores the need to address intricate issues". Within Australia's evolving multicultural policy framework, the emphasis has shifted from assimilation to coexistence. There is a big necessity for an ongoing commitment to impact, provide information, and educate about the enduring value of diversity, particularly in the cultural and linguistic context. Together, their voices contribute to shaping an inclusive Australia, welcoming and embracing diversity both today and tomorrow.

By abolishing the White Australia Policy, a wave of people from around the world came and chose to make a home here on the Gold Coast. What wasn’t established were models of support for migrants to lead on, where organisations like MCCGC play a critical role, being the peak body for multiculturalism on the Gold Coast.

MCCGC, born in 1983 to address the unmet needs of migrants and refugees, has been a catalyst for change, fostering an inclusive community over the past four decades. Since then, MCCGC’s vision has been crystal clear: to foster an inclusive community that cherishes cultural diversity. And the mission is to connect the community, impact lives, ignite hope, and build bridges of understanding.

MCCGC's CAMS Officer, Candice Sullivan, also featured in the videos, presents an important piece, recognising MCCGC's journey as a collective story built on honesty, connection, and the pursuit of a compassionate and connected world.

MCCGC’s Chief Executive Officer, Shane Klintworth, says, “40 years might seem like a long time, but in the grand tale of community and connection, it's just a chapter. A chapter full of learning, unity, growth, and unwavering commitment. Here's to the journey ahead as we continue to write this story together.”

Let the reflection on these 40 years be a message for the 40 to come.

Let's honor the work laid by those before us, support the movement of the youth and let the voice of diversity fill your heart with hope for our future.

Here's to 40 years of MCCGC's unwavering commitment and to the countless more years to come!

Maria's Poem

Maria is a valued member of our MCCGC team. Several months ago, she embarked on a new journey in Tasmania. One day before her farewell, she wrote this beautiful poem and shared it with us on the day we said goodbye. We feel fortunate to have had her as part of our community.

If you want to watch the series of videos, please click here