Boosting your confidence in job searching


Boosting your confidence in job searching

We don’t have words to describe how amazing and impactful our ‘Boosting Your Confidence in Job Searching’ workshop was. This session guided by our great Wellbeing, Culture and Practice Leader, Keneti Galo, was designed to empower and support attendees on their journey to finding employment.

Here is some beautiful feedback from the participants

“Last session was fantastic and inspiring, as I was totally blown out of mind by the vibe of the workshop. I have had a different perspective towards life and value. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.”

“About the last workshop ‘Boosting your confidence in job searching’ I have to say it was a very helpful instance to be part of, professional and personal speaking. It was not just about the information provided, but the way Keneti facilitated the session, and made us part of it was the best part of the workshop. Therefore, about the outcomes of the session, I took some valuable insights with me to keep working and pursuing my goals. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this kind of workshop, hopefully, more people can be involved and seize the opportunity as well.”

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