Art Therapy Workshop

29/04/2024 Posted in

Art Therapy Workshop

Women from ten different countries gathered to express their creativity and appreciation through painting in the Art Therapy workshop our Community Pathway Connector program organised as part of the Women’s Social Group. During the workshop, they painted an appreciation jar where they will collect gratitude notes and positive thoughts and reflect on them at the end of the year. The workshop was delivered by the creative arts and health facilitator Dilber Pilott who emphasised the power of appreciation jars in helping us practise gratitude in our daily but busy lives. Art Therapy is a wonderful tool for wellbeing, stress relief and emotional release.

Besides enjoying painting beautiful landscapes, flowers and fruits, they also loved connecting with other women during the activity and learning about their cultures.

These are some of the beautiful feedback we received:

“Thank you. I really appreciate the workshop and enjoyed it. Communication is a positive way to express our gratitude.”

“I’m mindful that we rush constantly and forget simple but powerful things in our daily lives, like expressing gratitude. Even being grateful because today we are alive and our families are healthy. This is a treasure. I will use my appreciation jar to remind me how fortunate I am.”