40th Anniversary Celebration

40th Anniversary Celebration

Grateful hearts and cherished memories! 

On December 5th, we celebrated 40 years of MCCGC at Hota. The night was an incredible gathering of community leaders, past and present team members, and the amazing Gold Coast community. We were honoured by the presence of the City of Gold Coast Mayor Cr. Tom Tate, Mayorees Ruth Tate, and Minister for Housing Meaghan Scanlon MP. 

The night was a rollercoaster of emotions, reflections, and unforgettable moments. Our gratitude knows no bounds for the overwhelming support that has fueled this extraordinary journey. The community came together to celebrate and honour the incredible path we've travelled over 40 years.

In the past four decades, we've woven a beautiful tapestry of connections with the Gold Coast community, creating a history of memorable events that led us to this significant moment. As the peak body for multiculturalism, we've tirelessly worked to foster an inclusive community that values diversity, impacts lives, and ignites hope.

With hearts bursting with love and deep gratitude, we can't help but say, "What an unforgettable night!" A massive shoutout to everyone who joined us at the Twilight Multicultural Mixer, dedicating the evening to commemorating MCCGC's four decades. The magic of the night was complete because of every one of you. 

Here's to many more years of celebration, unity, and making a positive impact together! 

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